Developing the Karisa Good Cheer™ Jewelry Collection

I haven't always been focused on jewelry. But looking back, I can see how several early experiences have possibly guided me in this direction. My mother loved jewelry. It wasn't unusual for her to come back from a trip with unique jewelry for me and my sisters, and her friends. I didn't always wear it, but what girls do? As a young woman I remember going with my mother and sisters to look at uniquely designed sterling silver jewelry sold at a gift shop in my hometown. We seldom went home empty-handed.

About ten years ago, my mother purchased a ring for me that I really liked. The company that produced it offered other fun designs. The upbeat, positive approach resonated with me and I purchased numerous pieces. However, the marketer inside of me started thinking of designs and phrases that I would like to see and wear. That's what started this journey of getting my thoughts and ideas on paper and then manufactured. It has been a learning, but very enjoyable process. I hope you enjoy the Karisa Good Cheer™ Jewelry Collection.


Selling Karisa Jewelry In Your Store

If you're a retailer and would like to sell Karisa Jewelry, please contact us. Tell us about your company: what you sell, a profile of your customers, and a summary of the Karisa products you would like to carry in your store(s).


Your Unique Combinations

If you like what you see, but want the charms combined in a slightly different (unique) way, please send us an email explaining what you'd like and we'll work it out.




Charms in Bowl

"I still believe people are basically good at heart."

-- Anne Frank


Purchasing Higher Quantities

If you would like to purchase higher quantities, send us an email explaining how many you need, what you are ordering them for, and we will prepare some bulk rates for you.


100% Product Guarantee

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchases from Karisa, please return it for a refund. A copy of your order form and payment information must be included with the returned item(s).


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