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Good Cheer Charm

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I have always liked this phrase. I've used it in correspondence to friends and family over the years. To me a heart symbolizes love, but in this instance I wanted it to encompass more than romantic love. I wanted it to convey that we are all loved and we need to remember that, and be at peace.

Radiate Joy Charm

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Being happy and doing good things brings much more pleasure in life than being angry and frustrated. I used the sun in this design because it is poweful and strong. Its rays penetrate the earth and influence how we live. We can tap into the same type of power and make significant changes in the world around us.

Good Things Charm

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My parents exposed me to what I would consider "the good things of earth" -- nature, wildlife, art, sports, music, traveling, and different cultures -- to name a few. This charm Communicates gratitude and happiness for all of the wonderful things we can experience as inhabitants of this earth.


"Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." -- Mary de Vere


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18" Sterling Silver Box Chain with Radiate Joy Charm, Good Cheer Charm, and Good Things Charm $15.00

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