Karisa charms are designed with versatility in mind. Whether you prefer an existing bracelet or necklace, or want to attach the charms to something new -- enjoy using Karisa charms to create your own look and style. Our uniquely designed charms are made in the United States from lead-free pewter. Each piece is generously coated with sterling silver and a lacquer to prevent the silver from tarnishing. Each Karisa charm comes with a split ring attached. This ring makes it possible for you to attach the Karisa charm on your own. Using a split ring versus a jump ring makes it so the Karisa charm won't detach, if attached correctly. Our necklaces are sterling silver and are typically sold in 18" lengths.


Specifics On Each Charm Design

I hope the words, phrases and designs of the Karisa charms will resonate with you or someone special in your life. I have used graphics that I believe most people can relate to, but they do have specific meaning to me. Here is a brief explanation of my thoughts and life experiences that influenced the creative process for each piece. Through my life's journey, I have learned that seeking for the better, looking at the good in others and being optimistic day-to-day makes life much more enjoyable.



Good Cheer charm


Be of Good Cheer

I have always liked this phrase. I've used it in correspondence to friends and family over the years. To me, a heart symbolizes love, but in this instance I wanted it to encompass more than romantic love. I wanted it to convey that we are all loved and we need to remember that, and be at peace.


"Thought is the seed of action."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson



Radiate Joy charm


Radiate Joy

Being happy and doing good things brings much more pleasure in life than being angry and frustrated. I used the sun in this design because it is poweful and strong. Its rays penetrate the earth and influence how we live. We can tap into the same type of power and make significant changes in the world around us.



Good Things of Earth Gladden The Heart charm


Good Things of Earth Gladden The Heart

My parents exposed me to what I would consider "the good things of earth" -- nature, wildlife, art, sports, music, traveling, and different cultures -- to name a few. This charm communicates gratitude and happiness for all of the wonderful things we can experience as inhabitants of this earth.


The Manufacturing

In researching how other charms are produced or manufactured, I found a wide range of options -- less expensive (cheap) metals, higher quality metals covered with silver, and sterling silver. Price is a factor with each option. After reviewing the options, the initial charms have been manufactured with lead-free pewter and coated with sterling silver. The lacquer keeps each piece shiny, which means you don't have to worry about tarnish. In fact, trying to use tarnish control on the pieces is not recommended. I intend to offer the option of both silver coated and sterling silver in the future.


The Other Charms/Dangles

I have combined my designs with additional charms -- most of them manufactured in sterling silver and the necklaces are sterling silver as well. Overall, I have looked for pieces that I feel compliment the look, style and quality I want to put together. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the Contact Us page.


Attaching the Charms

I have chosen to use split rings for attaching the Karisa charms because they don't separate like jump rings. This means it is less likely that the Karisa charms will become detached. Most of the non-Karisa charms or dangles come with jump rings - so there is variation in how the charms are attached. If you want or need more split rings please let us know. They can be easily attached by using a split ring plier available at any craft or jewelry supply store.


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