Karisa & the Good Cheer™Jewelry Collection

The Karisa Good Cheer™ Jewelry Collection was created out of my love for charms, jewelry and the desire to have fun and uplift others. I have tried to approach it in such a way that either a single charm or combination of charms would be fun and affordable to wear.

The name "Karisa" was formed by combining parts of my name, Lisa, and that of childhood friend, Karen. Karen has provided much insight and knowledge in getting this started, and her help is appreciated. Regarding naming the jewelry collection, I've always liked the phrase, "Be of Good Cheer," and decided to use it as the name of the collection. Overall, it is my hope that the words, phrases and overall design of the charms and jewelry will inspire you and others to "Be of Good Cheer."

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Lisa Winward, President, Designer, Karisa Jewelry


Karen & Lisa as Kids

Karen, Carrie and Lisa in front of Lisa's childhood home

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